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Eyewitness on Turkey’s Deadly Assault on Northeastern Syria

Turkey launched a military operation in northeastern Syria on October 9th, targeting US-backed Kurdish forces near the Turkish-Syrian border. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 8 of the 11 casualties caused by Turkish warplanes and artillery so far were civilians, not military personnel. Qamishlo, Syria-based journalist Baderkhan Ahmad tells the Investigative Journal about Turkey’s assault on northeastern Syria, including the shelling of his neighborhood and the death of one of his neighbors, a Syriac Christian woman. Ahmad and many others in his area were surprised by the scale of Turkey’s attack and had expected the international community to step in. “We are very worried for what will happen in my region in the next hours,” he said. “Of course, we still have hope, but the people here don’t trust what Trump is saying.”

Exclusive: Filmed behind bars ISIS fighter Mohamed Amrouni expresses ‘deep regret’

TIJ journalists interview Mohamed Amrouni, age 23, a captured Islamic State member jailed in Syria for the past year and a half. He shifts nervously in his plastic chair in front of a camera as he expresses “deep regret. ” Award-winning TIJ journalist Lindsey Snell produces a story about his radicalization in his home country Tunisia in 2013 until his capture and sheds light on the saga around the fate of thousands of Islamic State fighters locked up in Syria and Iraq as ISIS loses ground. Lindsey Snell knows his family in Tunisia and kept in touch with him online despite his assertions then that he ‘loves’ killing Kufars–nonbelievers and that he would kill Snell too.

Turkey’s Intelligence Agency Illegally Dispatched Arms to Syrian Jihadists

Abdullah Bozkurt, is a Turkish journalist for over 20 years, the president of the Stockholm Center for Freedom reveals a trove of secret documents that portray how Turkey illegally sent thousands of trucks loaded with heavy weapons and ammunition to jihadist groups fighting in Syria The loads were then transferred to tractor-trailer trucks at the secluded section of the capital’s airport, away from prying eyes. The trucks covered approximately 404 miles (650 kilometers) via the land route to deliver the arms to a pre-determined location near the border area, and from there was moved to destinations in Syria where waiting jihadist groups could use them.

Public Interest Investigations

The Strange Case of Perincek, Erdogan and the Russia Triangle

This report investigates a new alignment within Erdogan’s political movement towards Russia and Putin along with Iran and China, through former leftist terrorist leader Dogu Perincek’s facilitation of Erdogan’s relationships with Putin. I was assigned to arrest Perincek, now 77, in …

Wiretaps Expose Turkey’s Support of Terrorists Entering Syria

A review of hundreds of secret wiretap records obtained from confidential sources in the Turkish capital of Ankara reveals how the Islamist government of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has enabled ― and even facilitated ― the movement of foreign and Turkish militants across the Turkish border into Syria to fight …

The Systematic Silencing of Pakistani Journalists

Taha Siddiqui’s eye-opening investigation leaves no doubt that not toeing the government’s line in Pakistan can leave journalists languishing in jail with no fair trial, or possibly even being killed for simply doing their jobs. Siddiqui describes his harrowing abduction before his dramatic escape. His vivid storytelling about the dangers his colleagues face in Pakistan, the clampdown on social media voices opposing the government, and the extent the military goes through to silence dissent is a testimony of his bravery and love for his country.


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