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LNA Source: ISIS Member who Escaped SDF Prison in Syria Captured in Libya En Route to Europe

On January 19th, the German government hosted the two main warring parties in Libya, the Libyan National Army (LNA), led by General Khalifa Haftar, and the Government of National Accord (GNA), led by Fayez Sarraj, along with their foreign supporters, at a conference in Berlin to discuss the implementation of a ceasefire.

“Turkish Products Become Money, Which Become Bullets.”

At a small grocery store in Derik, Syria, one dusty case of Sariyer soda water sits underneath a shelf. “The self-administration [of North and East Syria] gave us time to finish selling the Turkish products we had in stock, like this one,” said the store’s owner.

Erdogan’s Libyan Adventure: Turkey, Russia, Gas Pipelines and Missiles

As a ceasefire suddenly brings a pause to nine months of fighting for control of Libya’s capital, Turkish President Erdogan’s promise of military aid and even boots on the ground to the besieged UN-backed Tripoli government appears in a new light: not becoming involved in an endless war but perhaps bringing it to an end, with an improved strategic position.

Myanmar’s For-Profit Genocide

Brutal operations against the Rohingya minority and stealing their land in Rakhine are crimes under international law — violations supported by Myanmar’s military business ties, foreign companies and arms deals.

“Everyday, ISIS Detainees Try to Escape from Here”: Security Issues at Northeast Syria’s al Hol Camp Persist

The sprawling al Hol camp in Hasakah, Syria is a grim sight in the dead of winter. Aylu*, a YPJ member (women’s protection units, a group of female fighters in Northeastern Syria), is one of the camp’s administrators. “The situation hasn’t changed much since you were here last,” she said.

“Everyone Who Could Flee Did.”

When Turkey began bombing his village in Sere-Kaniye in October, Jamil Khabat, his wife, and their young songs fled their home. “This is the third time I’ve had to leave my home because of Turkish attacks,” he said. “The last time, Turkey opened the border crossing and let [the militants] in.”

Erdogan’s long arm in the US: Turkish Influence Operations Among American Muslims

The Investigative Journal organized a conference in Washington DC on November 11th to launch the report and discuss its findings during the ongoing Turkish invasion of Syria. Dr. Ahmet S. Yayla, former chief of Turkish National Police Counterterrorism Division presents his research based on exclusive evidence, first-hand information and in-depth analysis.

“Our bags are packed.” Kobani Prepares for Attack

The center of Kobani, Syria is bustling, but the mood is grim. Shoppers and shop owners chat in hushed tones, trading the latest news and rumors they’ve heard about the increasingly tense and complex situation in the region.

The Strange Case of Perincek, Erdogan and the Russia Triangle

This report investigates a new alignment within Erdogan’s political movement towards Russia and Putin along with Iran and China, through former leftist terrorist leader Dogu Perincek’s facilitation of Erdogan’s relationships with Putin. I was assigned to arrest Perincek, now 77, in …


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