Wendy Bone
Wendy Bone

Wendy Bone is a Canadian journalist based in Java, Indonesia specializing in human rights, migration, and the environment. Wendy was the managing editor of Pacific Yachting in Canada before she started freelancing in Southeast Asia, and since then has written for numerous publications around the globe. Of Indigenous Cree-Métis heritage, Wendy is passionate about writing deeply reported stories on abuses of power and their effects on marginalized communities. She has spent four years working with Rohingya refugees as a writer and educator with the Geutanyoe Foundation, a humanitarian organization based in Aceh, Indonesia. As part of her Master’s degree in Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia, Wendy specialized in blending narrative nonfiction storytelling with journalism. She has recently completed a book of investigative journalism about the devastating effects of palm oil plantation expansion on Indonesia's Indigenous Orang Rimba.

Myanmar’s For-Profit Genocide

Brutal operations against the Rohingya minority and stealing their land in Rakhine are crimes under international law — violations supported by Myanmar’s military business ties, foreign companies and arms deals. Arif Ismael ran an after-school tutoring program at his home before the mobs arrived to burn it down.


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