American Muslims Under Siege From Foreign Influence

In 2016, election interference efforts aimed at weakening Democrats came from Russia. In this election cycle at least some of those efforts come from a far different source and are aimed at dividing American Muslim community.

How to Hack the Planet

Authoritarianism and inequality are a greater threat to security than any line of code.

New York’s Pandemic by Zip Code

Looking back from what seems the end of this particular COVID-19 outbreak in New York City, my small circle of friends has talked more of revelations than of sorrows.

Try Erdogan at the International Criminal Court for Enabling ISIS

During the NATO Summit in London on December 10, 2019, President Emmanuel Macron accused Turkey of “sometimes working with ISIS proxies” and said that it was, “time for Turkey to clarify (its) ambiguous stance on Islamic State.”

Is Erdogan Preparing “Erdoganistan”?

Erdogan has been in the news lately for his controversial role in supporting one of the sides in the Libyan conflict with Syrian jihadi mercenaries, but beneath the headlines, even more is going on. Three recent crucial incidents indicate that Erdogan has been getting ready for a significant move.

An opportunity not to be missed after Soleimani assassination

Most commentators responding to the assassination of top Iranian military commander Qasem Soleimani are focusing on the possible negatives. They bemoan the potential retaliation against American targets or allies, some even theorize that it might lead to World War Three.


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