Government officials from China’s northwestern region of Xinjiang have detained more than a million Uyghur Muslims in what the government calls “reeducation camps.” Many of the people who have been arbitrarily detained spoke about ill-treatment, torture and brainwashing. Recently, leaked documents detail the extent of the “cultural genocide” as described by Nury Turkey the former president of the Uyghur American Association and attorney during an interview on TIJ Talks. Turkel was born in one of the camps before fleeing to the United States where he continues to advocate for jailed members of his community.

Lindsey Snell
Lindsey Snell

Lindsey Snell is a print and video journalist specializing in conflict and humanitarian crises. She has produced documentary-style videos for MSNBC, VICE, Vocativ, ABC News, Ozy, Yahoo News, and Discovery Digital Networks. Her print work has appeared in Foreign Policy, the Daily Beast, al Araby and others. One of her pieces, on Aleppo schools hit by airstrikes, won an Edward R. Murrow award in 2016.

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