Turkey launched a military operation in northeastern Syria on October 9th, targeting US-backed Kurdish forces near the Turkish-Syrian border. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 8 of the 11 casualties caused by Turkish warplanes and artillery so far were civilians, not military personnel.

Qamishlo, Syria-based journalist Baderkhan Ahmad tells the Investigative Journal about Turkey’s assault on northeastern Syria, including the shelling of his neighborhood and the death of one of his neighbors, a Syriac Christian woman. Ahmad and many others in his area were surprised by the scale of Turkey’s attack and had expected the international community to step in. “We are very worried for what will happen in my region in the next hours,” he said. “Of course, we still have hope, but the people here don’t trust what Trump is saying.”

Lindsey Snell
Lindsey Snell

Lindsey Snell is a print and video journalist specializing in conflict and humanitarian crises. She has produced documentary-style videos for MSNBC, VICE, Vocativ, ABC News, Ozy, Yahoo News, and Discovery Digital Networks. Her print work has appeared in Foreign Policy, the Daily Beast, al Araby and others. One of her pieces, on Aleppo schools hit by airstrikes, won an Edward R. Murrow award in 2016.

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