TIJ journalists interview Mohamed Amrouni, age 23, a captured Islamic State member jailed in Syria for the past year and a half. He shifts nervously in his plastic chair in front of a camera as he expresses “deep regret. ” Award-winning TIJ journalist Lindsey Snell produces a story about his radicalization in his home country Tunisia in 2013 until his capture and sheds light on the saga around the fate of thousands of Islamic State fighters locked up in Syria and Iraq as ISIS loses ground. Lindsey Snell knows his family in Tunisia and kept in touch with him online despite his assertions then that he ‘loves’ killing Kufars–nonbelievers and that he would kill Snell too.

Lindsey Snell
Lindsey Snell

Lindsey Snell is a print and video journalist specializing in conflict and humanitarian crises. She has produced documentary-style videos for MSNBC, VICE, Vocativ, ABC News, Ozy, Yahoo News, and Discovery Digital Networks. Her print work has appeared in Foreign Policy, the Daily Beast, al Araby and others. One of her pieces, on Aleppo schools hit by airstrikes, won an Edward R. Murrow award in 2016.

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