Joining the Clooneys in war to restore press freedom

Every time World Press Freedom Day comes along I can’t help but recall standing as a defendant in an Egyptian court that same day in 2014 before a judge known as “The Executioner.” I grappled then with the absurd accusations that left two colleagues and me internationally branded as members of the Muslim Brotherhood, a designated terrorist group in many countries. My journalistic integrity had been maligned, and our reporting labelled as “fake news” that supported the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamist agenda.

Wiretaps: Turkey Aided Passage of Militant ISIS Terrorists Into Syria

A cache of wiretaps originating in Turkey appear to show the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan aiding the passage of militant fighters tied to the ISIS terror group into and out of Syria, according to new reports that are raising questions about Turkey’s commitment to its military alliance with Washington, D.C.


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