The Investigative Journal (TIJ) launched in February 2019 presents in-depth analysis and investigations written by top international journalists and writers.

Announcing its theme via its tagline ‘Truth in journalism’, TIJ aims to provide an ethical and evidence-based take on global issues across the world. Topical subjects marginalized by mainstream media will be featured by the journal in a bid to counteract fake news and produce revelatory public interest investigations.

The team ― led by Editor-in-chief Jane Cahane, and Head of Communications Christopher Bennett ― has brought together a global network of investigative journalists to report on subjects that put the public interest first and foremost. TIJ’s editorial ethos is to promote objective views, human rights and the fundamentals of democracy through strong, long-form investigative reporting and video content.

This goal is displayed in the launch content, which features an exclusive investigation based on unpublished wiretaps detailing conversations between Turkey’s senior military officers communicating with ISIS fighters to assist them in entering Syria. The eye-opening investigation also reveals that injured ISIS fighters were allowed to be treated in Turkish hospitals before returning back to the field while their families lived in peace in Turkey.

The article entitled ‘Wiretaps Expose Turkey’s Support to Terrorists Entering Syria’ is written by Abdullah Bozkurt, the former bureau chief in the capital Ankara for the paper’s English-language edition, Today’s Zaman, which was shut down as he fled the country. He continues to report on corruption at the highest levels within the Turkish government and on the unprecedented clampdown on journalists. Since his exile to Sweden Bozkurt has founded the Stockholm Center for Freedom, a monitoring group that tracks human rights violations in Turkey, which makes him a reliable source to highlight such issues.

His article includes unpublished wiretap records obtained confidentially in Ankara in Turkey. The transcripts detail how the Islamist government of President Recap Tayyip Erdoğan has enabled the movement of foreign and Turkish militants across the Turkish border into Syria to fight alongside jihadists in the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL).

Bozkurt raises his concern that the narrative between the president and these jihadi groups is similar, and this ― aligned with an anti-Western narrative and government funding for multiple other Islamist group ― threatens the stability not just of Turkey, but also of its Middle Eastern and European neighbours.

Also featured in the launch is Taha Siddiqui’s article, ‘The Systematic Silencing of Pakistani Journalists’. Chillingly, Siddiqui’s piece reveals the jailing, abduction, and killing journalists face in simply trying to file copy in Pakistan. His dramatic first-person account of his abduction and escape from the Pakistani authorities makes the story even more harrowing.

Prior to his abduction and potential assassination attempt, award-winning Pakistani journalist Siddiqui enjoyed a successful career reporting for numerous reputable international news organizations, including The New York Times, The Guardian, France24, Christian Science Monitor, The Telegraph. In 2014, he won the Prix Albert Londres ― also known as the French Pulitzer Prize ― for his documentary on the spread of polio in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Having fled to Paris, France in self-imposed exile, Siddiqui’s efforts to expose the truth have come at a huge personal cost.

TIJ’s Editor-in-Chief Jane Cahane says: “In an era of fake news, when the values of truth, democracy and integrity are being assaulted daily on every front, The Investigative Journal (TIJ) is here to serve the public by delivering timely, critical ― and above all, thoroughly well-researched and accurate ― reporting on issues that affect us all.

“I am thrilled to work alongside world-class reporters to advance the cause of truth and offer the highest-quality reportage on timely topics. This is the real deal ― the kind of journalism I grew up believing in and ready to fight for.”

Christopher Bennett, a long-time speechwriter for American and Canadian public figures, and the former executive producer of the TedX speaker series in Canada, brings several years’ experience in cutting-edge video production and digital marketing to his role at TIJ.

Speaking from the TIJ office in Canada, Bennett comments: “I took on this mission because the market obviously needs more emphasis on truth in the Trump era, and it’s quite appalling to see autocratic governments jailing and killing dozens of journalists worldwide simply for doing their jobs. 

“Alongside the reports we publish, our in-house broadcast journalists interview the authors of the exclusive reports or experts on some of the topics we tackle. Our next phase of the launch will include investigative documentaries and cutting-edge, progressive video content that will be disseminated on social media to the masses.”

Upcoming reports to feature on The Investigative Journal in February and March include investigations by New York Times best-selling author Richard Miniter and award-winning video journalist Lindsey Snell.

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