Tal Talks Middle East

Tal Talks Middle East is an in-depth talk show about Middle Eastern affairs and foreign policy. Hosted by journalist and news anchor, Tal Heinrich, it provides honest conversations with prominent figures. Scholars, experts, lawmakers, diplomats, and activists share their insights and personal stories. They explain the oftentimes complicated dynamics between regional players, break down emerging and changing conflicts and turn a global spotlight to interesting local developments.

Tal Talks Middle East with Einat Wilf

“What the Palestinians wanted was really staring at us in the face… They told us what they wanted all the time, we just didn’t listen or when we did listen, we didn’t take them seriously.” – Dr. Einat Wilf

Tal Talks Middle East with Michael Pregent

“We have an inconsistent U.S foreign policy, where our adversaries and our geo-political competitors believe that there are election outcomes that favor them” – Michael Pregent


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