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TIJ Talks, is a hard-hitting talk-show filmed in the The Investigative Journal studios in Times Square New York. The show is anchored by award-winning broadcast journalist Tal Heinrich and produced by veteran executive producers Driss Sekkat and Mohamed Fahmy.
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How did American taxpayers fund a Bin Laden affiliate?

World Vision, an enormous international evangelical charity, is active in nearly 100 countries with a total revenue of more than $2 billion. In 2014, World Vision received a grant of over $700,000 from USAID.

A Focus on the Iranian-backed Houthi Insurgency in Yemen

The Houthi insurgency in Yemen is a military rebellion pitting Zaidi Shia Houthis (though the movement also includes Sunni Muslims against the Yemeni military that began in Northern Yemen and has since escalated into a full-scale civil war.

American family sues a Turkish bank accused of financing Hamas

An American family is suing a Turkish bank over its alleged financing of the US designated foreign terrorist organization: Hamas. This isn’t any normal terrorism financing lawsuit however; one of the bank’s largest shareholders is also a NATO member.

Amsterdam struggles against Islamic extremists

Amsterdam stands on the precipice of a security crisis and not one Dutch public official in city government is paying attention. The empowerment of Salafist, ultra conservative Muslims in Holland, dozens of residents emigrating to Syria to fight for ISIS …

Iran’s proxy war: Dozens Killed in Iraq

A bloody month, and even bloodier week has stricken Iraq with dozens of protest killed and thousands more seriously injured.

The Amazon’s Embers Continue To Smoulder

This week governments, non-profit organizations, scientists, and concerned global citizens met in New York City to attend the Global Climate Action Summit organized by the United Nations. The most pressing issue for the attendees: How to ensure that a bevy of protective and rehabilitate actions be enacted, funded, and executed to provide cover for the regrowth … Watch Video →

Former Prisoners Reveal Iran’s Hostage Diplomacy

For forty years, a mainstay of Iran’s pressure tactics against the West has included kidnapping foreign and dual nationals on Iranian territory, sentencing them to long prison terms under trumped up charges; all with the eye to extracting … Watch Video →

Turkey Supports Isis and Al Qaeda in Syria

TIJ releases exclusive wiretaps, audio recordings, and documents that prove collusion between the Turkish intelligence and terrorist groups inside Syria. Mr. Ahmet Yayla the former Turkish chief of police defected to the US in objection to the … Watch Video →


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