For close to two decades, Venezuela has been on a precipitous decline, suffering economically, freedoms being vanquished, and the rule of law spiraling into chaos.  56 countries, mostly from Europe and the West, now recognize democratic reformer Juan Guaidó as president – while the rest of the world still supports Venezuela’s dictator – Nicolás Maduro. The struggle for the future of this country; two visions, one democratic, the other kleptocratic has one distinct population group wedged in the middle – Venezuela’s refugees, including over 1 million children.  To discuss the situation of the only failed state in the Western Hemisphere, the Investigative Journal is joined by: Francisco Santos Calderón, Colombia Ambassador to the United States, from Washington DC., Brian Fincheltub, Embassy of Venezuela to the United States, Chief of Staff to Deputy Chief of Mission from New York City and Dr. Shelly Whitman, Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative, Executive Director from Halifax, Nova Scotia).

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