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Turkey Sends Militants to Libya and Azerbaijan

A year after Turkish-backed Syrian National Army militants murdered politician Hevrin Khalaf, The Turkish government not only still supports the SNA, they have sent militants to Libya and Azerbaijan.

“Nothing is Certain in Iraq”

Iraqis began protesting in October of last year and almost immediately, Iraqi police responded with force. Then, militia members and supporters began victimising them, as well.

Qatar’s Cybercrime Exposed

Experts analyze the sophisticated hack orchestrated by the State of Qatar, the “phishing” technique used and the stolen emails of 1400 public figures, world leaders journalists, academics, actors, and football players.

Turkey’s Intelligence Agency Illegally Dispatched Arms to Syrian Jihadists

Abdullah Bozkurt, is a Turkish journalist for over 20 years, the president of the Stockholm Center for Freedom reveals a trove of secret documents that portray how Turkey illegally sent thousands of trucks loaded with heavy weapons and ammunition to jihadist groups fighting in Syria The loads were then transferred to tractor-trailer trucks at the secluded section of the capital’s airport, away from prying eyes. The trucks covered approximately 404 miles (650 kilometers) via the land route to deliver the arms to a pre-determined location near the border area, and from there was moved to destinations in Syria where waiting jihadist groups could use them.

The State of Qatar’s Hack of Democracies: A Global Cyber-crime Operation

Award-winning journalist and three-times best-selling author Richard Miniter exposes how in one of the largest state-sponsored computer hacks ever detected, Qatar’s proxies cyber-attacked more 1,400 high-status and ordinary citizens who were exercising their free-speech rights in democracies globally according to U.S. court filings, computer-forensic reports and expert testimonies.

The list also included: Sami Anan, Egypt’s former Chief of the General Staff of the Army; UAE diplomat Sheikh Maktoum Bin Bhutti al Maktoum; Saudi Arabian Minister of State for African Affairs Ahmed Kattan; American Rabbi Shmuley Boteach; and Kristin Wood, a former adviser at the CIA.


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